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Our number 1 Priority is delivering to your home “Safe Potable Drinking Water” to the PAPMWC community service areas in the cities of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park.


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The source of water delivered to your property from Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company (PAPMWC) comes from underground lakes called aquifers which means that we are a ground water system. We currently have five source wells (wells #2, #3, #5, #6, and #7) located at 2190 Addison Avenue., East Palo Alto California. The wells range in depth of 70 to 480 feet and pump at a rate ranging from 125 to 800 gallons per minute into two storage tanks with the capacity of 11,500 and 350,000 gallons. The water is in its purest state. Wells #3, #5, and #6 pump water into our storage tank where it is blended in compliance with both state and federal regulations. The water is chlorinated at two injection points and then pumped through 6 and 8-inch watermain’s with a pressure of 68 psi (pounds per square inch) by two booster pumps throughout our distribution system. Wells#2 and #7 are off-line. Water from all sources of PAPMWC is monitored on a rotating basis to ensure its safety. Samples from the source wells for the year are transported to a state certified laboratory and analytical results are reported to the State Water Resources Control Board and publish to you our consumers via the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) annually.

about us


Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company (PAPMWC) is a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, a mutual water Company incorporated in the state of California, owned by it’s members that are property owners in the boundaries  within the PAPMWC service area, in the county of San Mateo with services within two cities, namely the city of East Palo Alto and the city of Menlo Park. PAPMWC service area covers parts of Bay Road, Glen Way, Menalto Ave. (across the Bayshore Freeway (HWY 101) Donohue St. and Menalto Ave.
The Articles of incorporation and the by–laws were written in 1924 by the original founders and were intended for our Shareholders. Currently the pumping station and office are located at 2190 Addison Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA.


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The team consists of a five-member Board of directors, that employs a General Manager to manage the company with consent from the board of directors. The general manager over sees the day to day operations. Working with the General Manager are a team of License Water treatment Operators, License Distribution Operators, maintenance operators, office manager and assistants, secretary, Engineering team and an accountant. Also, two State certified Laboratories. All working together to ensure that PAPMWC number one priority of providing safe potable drinking water to your home with great pressure daily. In addition to the above, are 72 standing silent 24-7, 365 days a year ready for service and located every 300 feet fire-Hydrants, ready to deliver as needed twelve-hundred gallons of water a minute to quench any fire.


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The smallest property(parcel) size in PAPMWC service area is 25’ X 100’ which equal 2500 sq.ft. which Member interest is “1” member interest (member share) to vote on matters of the company. To the extent a property owner that has a larger parcel, or own more than one parcel he or she has proportionately more member interest to vote. The member interest, (member shares) are without par or nominal value, and do not pay dividend, but they do entitle the Members to vote on matters involving PAPMWC and to serve on its Board of Directors.


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Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company is not a public utility and does not come under laws that regulate public utilities. PAPMWC can only sell water to the members that are within its service area. None of the property taxes that Members pay to the County of San Mateo goes to run the Company. The source of all revenue to maintain, repairs and make improvement to the system comes from the monthly assessment (water Bill) and special assessment as needed, determined by the Board of Director’s. The average property (parcel) owner assessment is $75.00 per month. In 1985, the Board of Directors’ passed a special assessment due to the County of San Mateo work on Bay Road and that assessment was $50.00 per property (parcel).


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We are really more than a water company; we are the heart beat of our community, providing public health and fire protection. Think only of just one day and how much you depend on water for that day, cooking, drinking, cleaning your home, your clothes, brushing your teeth, bathing, your car, your plants, pets, gardening, water play, swimming, schools, hospitals and various businesses. Therefore, we are committed to serving you quality on tap, not for just today but for a life time, a good life. Count on the Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company to be there at the turn of your tap.


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payment options

Assessment(bill) payments must reach PAPMWC on or before the 25th day of each month to avoid late charges.
Any unpaid balance on your assessment /water bill will result in a late charge.

Walk In

You may choose to walk into the office to make your payment.

Dropbox Instructions

To make your water assessment(bill) payment please drop your payment in the drop box located outside in front of the main office with check or money order. The drop box is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not put cash in the drop box.

Bank Instructions

Many banks offer basic bill pay service for free with their checking accounts, you may set up automatic payments to pay your water assessment(bill) using your bank’s bill pay feature using your PAPMWC account number. Payments can be sent by your bank via paper check (with this feature, remember to inform the bank that you want your payment to reach PAPMWC on or before the 25th day of each month).

By Mail U.S. Postal Service

You can mail your water assessment(bill) payment via United States Postal Service. Your payment must reach PAPMWC on or before the 25th day of each month to avoid late charges. We are not responsible for U.S. Mail delivery. Failure to receive bill does not excuse payment.  Any unpaid balance on your assessment /water bill will result in a late charge.

Water Rates

Read the full description of Water Service Assessments and Fees here

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